MIM Mineral Museum

MIM Mineral Museum

Permanent Collection
Beirut, Lebanon

Mountmaking, installation, museography, graphism

Description of the project
The MIM Museum is a privately owned museum located in Beirut, Lebanon. Its collection is one of the biggest and most diverse in the World, with more than 1500 minerals from 300 different species. Starting in 2011, our team worked hand in hand with the director and the curator of the museum on designing the exhibition, the preventive conservation of the minerals and the fabrication of the mounts. Every mineral has been mounted by our team, from the smallest one to the biggest one. Still today, we work with the MIM, and recently produced a temporary exhibition with them, « Fish & Stone ».

What they say about us
“What has struck me ever since I started working with the Ainu team are the following characteristics: extreme professionalism and availability of all members involved in this project, continuous enthusiasm about the subject, very clever and patient craftsmen. They were able to create bases and supports for all kinds of minerals with weights ranging from a few grams to 100 kilograms, some of them very sturdy, but most very fragile, without any accident in over 4 years and almost 2000 objects manipulated.” 
Salim Edde, Founder and Director of the MIM Mineral Museum

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