“Develop, provide, spread
The best practices in crafted museum services”


As the Aïnu family grows, it has become important to define the values from which we develop our culture. These are the three core values that we live by, our philosophy.

plier-outline (1)CRAFTSMANSHIP – Doing what we love and doing it right
Craftsmanship is at the heart of our business. We all work to develop mastery, have a crazy passion for betterment and are obsessed by the quality of our work. We only use the best materials and give the same attention to the smallest details as we do to the largest. Whatever your needs and budget may be, we will always adapt and find a solution.

handle-with-care (1) PASSION – Care beyond the ordinary
We care beyond the ordinary for our clients. For our projects. For our staff. For details. Our reputation of providing insanely good service is our pride. We’ve earned it through the years and have no plans to give it up. We commit to being your partner and are seriously reliable. We expect the unexpected.

idea-and-creativity-symbol-of-a-lightbulb (2)LEAD – Don’t follow
In everything we do, we strive for innovation. We try to solve your problems holistically, and always go the extra mile. We look at problems from different perspectives and find effective, simple and safe solutions. Because we care about what you care about, we share our findings to advance the global standards for our craft.